Reer Sweden & those who've been to SWE , soo gala

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Scuba diving in the mud
I'm afraid of the ghettos, they don't even speak proper Swedish.
Rinkebysvenska triggers me.
The term Ghetto sounds extreme brudda. Gaajo there is real tho.
Good social skills and integrity can take anyone far and avoid getting chiefed in the förort.
Wearing H&M clothes is an amazing evil eye and robbery-repelling clothing

Why always Somalis with these memes. Read the news and all you see is Afghans and Arabs raping little kids at music festivals :farmajoyaab:
Straight facts right there.
Dunno why Somalis are being depicted in such a negative way.
Sure we got some wastemans chewing their life away and some confused wasteyutes, but we are not out there doing the most.
We just need to get our social skills better and we would kawal the cadaans and do better than most people


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:gucciwhat: Tf you mean lettuce on a pizza what else would there be on it?
Who puts lettuce on a freaking pizza. Glad the Vikings in MN didn't come with this distasteful pizza.

Real pizza should be offended.:nahgirl::gucciwhat:
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