Reer Murica I have a question


Never ever heard Somalis in Detroit or Baltimore...ever! Lol. You sure it’s not just few ppl who lied to you on social media lol
I saw a Somali taxi driver when I went to Baltimore Maryland they are there. And most Somalis in Michigan live in Grand Forks and Anne Arbor none of live in Detroit metro. But next to Detroit you can find some who live in Windsor Canada who work in Detroit. It’s connected.


I have a cousin that lives in Detroit, Michigan, I visted them they live in a nice house surrounded by ghetto neighborhoods and where they live is like 90% mathow people and some whites. That city gives me Africa vibes lol.

theirs not a lot of Somalis there probably a few hundred of them or less. Theirs a sizable Somali community in Lansing, Michigan tho about a 1 hour & 20 minute drive from Detroit, I don’t know why they choose to live there tho. I wouldn’t like living in Michigan out of all places.
You right Lansing got Somalis too Lowkey Somalis are deep in Michigan then. Michigan is super cheap tbh.

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Other than Minnesota, which other American state / or city has many Somali's? Like which other place in the us are *known* for having a relevant Mali population

I heard Somali bantus live In Maine


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