Reer Gaajobaharey claim Kenya is their enemy


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While most of their wealth is in Kenya.

I have never seen in my life lunatics of this nature.

Kulaha Kenya is my enemy yet have multi milllion investments in Kenya.

If Kenya was targetting MX they would have confisicated their wealth in Kenya and kicked them out of Kenya.

This weak stunt by Mx will not work at all infact they will fail.

Kenya not only has been generous to pirahnas but have shown restrain in every sense.
Pirahnas support AS and have been active in Mandera and Wajir and some parts of Garissa they want to shift their terrorism which they want to affect other peaceful.Somali communities in NFD while their community is making huge profits in Kenya.

In 1991 Kenya airlifted only Abo Siyad from Mandera when he was preaching to us for 21 years that Kenya is the enemy.
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They have multi-million dollar investments in Kenya but their towns look like swamps... :damsel:

I don't understand Marehan, do you?

Does anyone?

Do they understand themselves?

Are they waiting for Siyad to be resurrected to develop their land.

So many questions

Marehan suffers from self hate, they try to disguise it thru love of somali-wayn, u don't even love your own people, how u going to love others? go sell your somalinimo bullshit else, help your own first, then talk about helping others makes sense not the other way around which has been marehan failure.

No matter what leader leads them, he will never benefit them, so they should question what is the point of asking to lead if they won't benefit your people? U spent 4 years in mogdishu and haven't done a thing for your own people.