Reer Arabsiyo come out strong for Wadani

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Guusha ya leh?
farmer is better than a nomad
Bro @waraabe thinks farmer is an insult. Let him. His people are neither. Little does he know all the farmers are armed to the teeth as well!

His people are beggars while mine are generals and will continue to protect Somaliland from its enemies. We need affirmative action for @waraabe's folk runtii.

Here is a history lesson for you @waraabe. These are real Mujahids:

Gen. Maxamed Xasan Cabdillaahi (Jidhif)

General Nuh Ismail Tani
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A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Masha Allah the habars are bickering qabyalad marinating they're cooking leaving that qabyalad simmering I can smell it, It's exquisite :lawd:
When Jibriil Abokor liberated Western Somaliland Hussein Abokor where running to Europe as refugees this is facts :dzmxmmb::dzmxmmb::dzmxmmb:

Gabiley is indeed a Wadani stronghold :fittytousand:

Cotton Eyed Joe

More law, less justice.
@waraabe unlike you lot we aren't only brave against Isaaqs we've expanded the land of the Isaaq unlike you langaabs who have no degaans other than a few streets in Hargeisa. NI are famous for being cowards who hire other Somali tribes like MJ mercenaries to fight other Isaaqs especially Garxajis. You guys are the 5th column of Isaaq I've said this before. I respect other Isaaqs more than you guys who give HA a bad name.

You will never lead Sacad Musa so keep dreaming.
MJ Blackwater :whoo:


Your superior
It's ok lol.

An unknown fact about your adeer Muuse Bixi....He tried to instigate war between various JB subclans which is why some have animosity toward him but his plan failed lol.JB have a famous saying "Jibriil wa iskujeeni"
His sub and my sub have land disbutes too but he is still my guy
His sub and my sub have land disbutes too but he is still my guy
I support him and so does my father lol since he is the only suitable candidate in the race.Cirro might be an undercover Somalia sympathizer and abti waraabe would be our Donald Trump :mjlol:

But my Baha Cumar clan (arabsiyo residents) which is pretty langaab among JB hate him and so does my 90 year old awoowo :manny:
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