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Everest College is a private for profit college that has classes inside shopping malls. Most employers don't recognize any credentials received from there. Its the last resort.

True story. My friend went inside a Everest College before to have some brochures sent to my other friend. He got the mail sent to him at home and he got so angry thinking it was his guidance counsellor that signed him up. He hated his guidance counsellor more than anything because she always doubted him in life. "You won't be able to do this...". He was planning on barging into her office. I don't know if he did but he is a smart dude but I never seen him so insulted in his life lool he got into the program he wanted too at the school he wanted too... no surprise. He was like a B+ student. But she was one of those witch guidance counsellors who doubted everyone. He took things much to heart than everyone else


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:dead1: Those mf are so annoying Walahi. At one point the madow guy used to be on my tv screen every other 20 minutes. I'm glad i don't see his annoying commercial much now.
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