Reer Abudwaaq haven't yet understood that Farmajoo's favouritism is over

Abudwaaq gets an automatic quota where no test is required to get opportunity to join Danab. These opportunities were quickly taken by the bigger Abudwaaq tribes These smaller Abudwaaq tribesmen lost the automatic quota and then failed the test, They are not good enough to be part of Danab special forces. Instead of accepting the reality. They try to use the tribalism card. This nonsense will not be tolerated. The days were Farmajoo giving them everything is over. They are welcome to try and join Galmuudg's regular Darwiish forces.



“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
Stop posting about Abudwaaq and focus on your dusty tuulo of Baraxleey. Abudwaaq is
none of your business ignoble houtu.