Redpilled Puntite Kenyan MP 'don't call me Somali, I am...'

The amount of pride they have you would think they came from a developed country.
There is a hadith that describes the worst form of pride/arrogance is that which is exhibited by the poor destitute person.

Collectively as Somali's, we are at the bottom in every conceivable metric, could you imagine if such people were actually given wealth, prestige and bounties?
Kikuyu are really civilized people represent by Somalis, Indians and White.
They vote people according to individual characters and their capabilities.
Wow we should learn from them.
Hopefully my brother kids will represent Mombasa, especially Banburey area one day.
The woman introduced him as Somali, he was like 'Naa somaligaa sheegeesid ma aqaan , majeerteen baan ahay' :pachah1:

MJ never hides. Laandheer gene. He's from most random provinces, ran and won as MJ.
:pachah1: bruh the first thing he said was he is 100% Somali


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He says he is not somali but is only MJ while speaking in kikuyu Bantu language and people here are praising him.

This is some mind boggling shit. :williamswtf:
Stop peddling lies.

This is misinformation there is no place in that clip he said he is not Somali.


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