Real Cost of Living Somalia Map (June 2021)


Galkacyo iyo Calula dhexdood
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Monthly Cost of food items for a family of 6 (Cereals, Sugar, Vegetable Oil & Cowpeas)
Somalia Food cost.png
Food cost.png

Monthly Cost of Non-Food items for a family of 6 (Kerosene, Soap, Firewood, 200 liter Water Drum, Medicine, school fees, Cereal grinding cost, Clothes, Social tax)
Somalia Non-Food Cost.png
Non Food Cost.png

Monthly Cost of Minimum Expenditure Basket for a family of 6 (Food + Non-Food)

Somalia Total cost.png
Total cost.png


Ahmed Ato

does housing cost or rent include?. if you don't have house, the cost of living would higher than this.

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
Nugaal is relatively low on Food costs but their Non-food costs is so expensive that it puts them in most expensive.

Nugaal spends the same amount on non-food products that lower Shabelle spends in total. Damn.

Wonder why it’s such an outlier in non-food products. Second most expensive is Sool but that’s still $22 cheaper!

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