1. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Access map of Somalia

    It seems that food aid is very hard to get to most of Southern Somalia. Everything in red is inaccessible according to the World Food Program. It is no wonder that people are walking to Dolo on the Ethiopian border from as far away as Baydhabo.
  2. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Real Cost of Living Somalia Map (June 2021)

    Monthly Cost of food items for a family of 6 (Cereals, Sugar, Vegetable Oil & Cowpeas) Monthly Cost of Non-Food items for a family of 6 (Kerosene, Soap, Firewood, 200 liter Water Drum, Medicine, school fees, Cereal grinding cost, Clothes, Social tax) Monthly Cost of Minimum Expenditure...
  3. Thegoodshepherd

    A colored clan map of Somalia (1955) by I.M Lewis and Muuse Haji Ismaciil Galaal

    I have crudely painted this map before, but I put about 40 minutes of effort into cleaning it up. It should be useful for anyone interested in learning the geography of Somali clans. There are some small mistakes and parts of it are not up to date, but it is roughly accurate. This is the base...
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    Some neat 17th/18th European cartography of the Somali Peninsula

    Abraham Ortelius (also Ortels, Orthellius, Wortels; 14 April 1527 – 28 June 1598) was a Flemish/Netherlandish cartographer and geographer, conventionally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World). One of the founders and the notable...