Rayaale praying for the lost slaves of Ghana's westcoast (Recognition charm offensive)

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On promptu prayer picture looks a right mess as everyone prays in a unique way. One of the Somaliland Ictiraaf (recognition) delegation is even in full Salah mode.

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Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Yeah the only one serious is the guy from Ghana the rest look like characters out of a comedy sketch.
Ictiraaf was a thing in early 00s. Majority of Somalilanders have figured out that is was Ponzi scheme, a cash cow for few elitist fat cats on top, while everyone else suffers.

After 2 decades of futility, we know we aren't that much different than Puntland:liberaltears:
Saalax I know serious cash and money were exchanged in the noughties.

One Somaliland Minister could come to the diaspora and as you said could receive thousands of pounds for the Ictiraaf project or as you said ponzi scheme without any balance or check and transparency.

Needless to say many got rich at the expense of the gullible supporters of that ponzi scheme of seeking ictiraaf.
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