Raw Meat is Harmful (debunking @emily’s claims)


Ghetto King of Sverige
Raw meat is consumed in many countries around the world including Europe. In Ethiopia it is consumed by almost all ethnic groups especially in the southern part in areas like wolayta it is a big part of the culture.

Anyway, it is not bad and definitely better than locust or hyena meat :ftw9nwa:.
Who says we eat that?

Flies go on your raw meat.
Go choke on hyena meat and some shit filled locust
locusts do not eat feces.:mjlol:

We also don't eat Hyena meat.

We cook our food. I don't see you guys do it?

Also what's wrong with eating insects? It's full of protein and it's halal.

I can't say the same for raw meat:ufdup:

That shit is filled with Salmonella and has flies flying around it.


Ghetto King of Sverige
So is hyena meat halal or not? And what about locust?
You don't see them eating hyena.

Locusts are ok. You even see Europeans and many other ethnicities eating it as a source as protein.

You can't deny that your descendants would be doing the same thing.

Also they probably lived under a drought and the only thing they could eat was this.

If you had a gun and there was a lion who wanted to kill you.

Would you kill it?

If you were starving to death would you eat the lion or not?

You are denying the instincts of an omnivore .

It's not like they're going to eat it raw anyways.
Another triggered hyena muncher.
You just described the destitute, lazy Somalis Die in your bitterness.
Says the bug eyed raw meat muncher. Your kind are the lazy ones who depend on others to pave you something as simple as roads. Posting a video of men slaughering hyena does not prove that Somalis eat it, we dont have a cutlure of eating heyena. Go and chock on that raw meat you barbarian.
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