Ratchet niggas trash H&M store


South African EFF supports trashed a H&M store to protest the recent controversial 'coolest monkey in the jungle' Ad!
What ratchet youths! #Unbelievable
Black people dance


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I have so much i want to say but ill leave it at ..... :susp:


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crying about being called a monkey while simultaneously going "APE" on H&M. I refuse to believe that we belong to the same species as the Bantus.:bell:

South Cushitic

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I just knew it had to be EFF, those Marxists are violent and delusional. Just like their chairman Julius Malema, the racist genocidal maniac. Stormfronts are going to love this.


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So they got mad over a harmless shirt, and then went on to destroy a store. A store which is made up of minimum wage employees who did nothing wrong. And guess who's going to clean up that mess. :snoop:

Good job protesters. You really proved your point, no one will call you monkeys again i'm sure.


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I don't get this outrage. H&M had noble intentions and wanted to eliminate the word monkey as racism. That's the Somali style of healing when we give people based on their shortcomings. I remember when some loser tried to provoke Dani Alves by throwing a banana at him and he ate it. I sure the loser that threw it was scratching his head like 'wtf happened why isn't he mad'.