Rashid Borana feels the heat of Somali Nationalists


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Wallahi he is right, Ill educated living outside the horn in their comfy sofa telling hooyo to feed them while insulting others on the internet acting like super Somali nationalists while also being pseudo tribalists lol what a bunch of nutjobs
He needs to mind his ajnabi business.

I’m still shocked this guy is not even Somali, who gave him the confidence?

It makes sense of the BS he spreads though.

Sheikh Kulkuli

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Galla will always remain galla his kins are Abye and he hates pan somalism but is quiet about his kins the Qerro of Ethiopia who like zulus of South Africa have been Haking somalis to death with their machettes.
These people fear Somaliweyn because of what it is. Unlike Kenya and Ethiopia, multi ethnic states merged by colonisation, Somaliweyn is an ethnostate. There's no wriggle room for them to exert any influence on such a nation. Not only would they lose land, coastline and resources, the formation of the somali nation state would trigger more ethnic separatist movements. Their country is balkanised and they lose all power. At the end of the day Somalis benefit and they lose everything.


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