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någon :)
Sxb you need to change that mindset. whats wrong and right is exclusively bw u and allah. you do now and ask later. if you keep revolving your life halal vs halal you will never get out your comfort zone. and you will never get far pleasing ppl too. allah is like that loyal bro, he knows when you are wrong and hes not gonna disown you things as small as bartending or getting ur dick wet every now n then.

moral is subjective. i bet a gaal person has more moral and ethical lifestyle than a true muslim.

*Sips vodka with lime* :diddyswag:
Are you trying to send me to hell?


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
You don't need to join organisations.

If you see something noble and you have knowledge you can use to help, then you ask them if you want to get involved.

I mainly volunteer at schools and I do odd jobs at villages (mostly to do with repairing items)
okay cool deffo will try it out inshallah next summer
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