Ramadhan is coming, Somali girls come in.


Thanks for reminding me this because it’s a habit now for many younger Somali males to insult people they disagree with, use every kind of profanity, lie and cheat for 11 months of the year and then ask cafis and forgiveness just before Ramadan and then suddenly, the person transforms into a normal human being who respects people and controls his anger during Ramadan. After Ramadan, back to basics in insulting others, profanity, lies and cheating.

Is this specific only to Somalis? Why is this the case?


Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
Is this a gb meet up :ohhhdamn: finally found my ppl. Knocked at the wrong door earlier. :snoop: Im sorry ayeeyo @Basra :ohlord: