Quite kid got whipped

Tyrone and Quantavious III doing what they do best. Biden, ship these people back to Africa and make America great again
Those are the fakest friends I've ever seen. They got like 4-5 as a crew. They could of went full chimp mode on them. This is why you never go lacking with idiots like this.

Also, if this quiet guy doesn't actually fight em one on one in the future, he's gonna be bullied for life. Most bullies become pussies when they feel pain. That's why they always go for the weak.

Thank God I'm 28, a professional, and above this barbaric filth. I'm a law abiding civilized middle class Canadian. I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I behaved like these monkeys.


Supreme Xooger
Madows chimping as usuals, as the saying goes "Madow aqli 6 saac". After that timer finishes they turn into danyeers.