Not Chun li
why not friendly way?
If I despise someone then they just have bad character. I wouldn’t be around a person with bad character if we can’t kiss basically.

If my boyfriend is a bad person he can just hug me or something and I’d stop caring lol

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
yeah, but they changed a lot from interacting with me so much.

This one girl used to be so pro-lgbt feminist type of deal. She hated my guts at first, but slowly I rubbed off on her lol.

It happened slowly, at first she’d start tolerating my views and stopped attacking me for it. Then she started laughing at my homophobic/racist jokes. Next thing you know she started subscribing to my political views.

She’s one of the most anti-semitic people I know and homophobic too. We’re really close friends now. All this happened in the span of a year and just constantly having the same classes together :icon lol: