Question for the fellas


Issa trick question, innit?

It's over for you boyo, deep down you know that all females are inherently parasitic, callous, resource-leeching demons who only have their self-interest in mind. Just ROPE.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
How many times did you leave a good decent girl for another girl who looks better?

Guys would avoid the ugly girls while giving all their attention to the pretty girls.

Theres nothing wrong with hypergamy infact thank the most sublime for hypergamy cause once a year i rent an expensive car and a nice apartment, an expensive suit put on glasses so i look like a professor let my hair grow from the sides while proudly peacocking my bidaar looof and bag the hottest dime pieces for a night thinking i am a rich Professor i tell them tricks i am a physicist, God is good:rejoice:


look around poor ugly guys get women all the time:bell:
even if hypergamy were real women wouldn't really be able to act on it,
because guys also have standards also so how will they marry up if there average


Hypergamy is a completely normal aspect of female nature so the best thing to do is to learn it, understand it and use it to your advantage to get the best possible mate.

I personally don't want a psychotic diaspora Xalimo so once I get my MD and finances in order, I'll be going to my fathers home tuulo and marrying the best looking Xalimo that's on her Deen.

Remember, your future kids need you the most when selecting their mother.