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Does skin color or features matter?

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With great power comes great electricity bill
Skin colour doesn't really matter to me unless they're on the extreme ends. If they look Somali that's a plus and I dislike wide facial features to some extent so I guess I have to factor that in too.

san baaquli is a no go for me tho
Are mareen considered lightskins or dark skin in somali standards? 🙃
That's the perfect colour

mariin with clear skin makes me feel morally obligated to nut in her:wow1:

Pretty sure it's in-between

Somali men are usually dark af. It’s super rare to find a light one. So there’s no point debating about skin tone lol.

But personally I’ve always liked men lighter than me, ever since I was a little girl. Not to say there’s anything wrong with dark skin men, but they’re not my preference.
The more I read your posts the more you sound like an African American woman on LSA.

I just realised your average madow person would happily settle for a low tier cadaan person, give us some updates on your future relationships I want to hear how it goes. The swirling section on that forum is getting kind of dry:mjpls: