Qatar-owned Al Jazeera Attacks Farmajo


HRH Duchess of Puntland, The Viscount of Garoowe
Did I say I support that too?:drakewtf: Siilaanyo and Farmaajo are both injirle puppets in my book but let's not kid ourselves, the Qalbi dhagax case has far more consequences than those soldiers given to injirles by SL(which i still condemn and is against). Farmaajo the advocate for "Somali- Wayn" weakened the ONLF(who're fighting for the freedom of our people)far more than anyone else:francis:
If you believe that, why don't I ever see you calling Siilaanyo a traitor? And how can you continue to support an entity that routinely hands over ONLF soldiers? :stopit:

You want us to believe there's a difference between Somaliland's policy and the Somali Federal Government's, but you're the only one making that distinction. It's your way of coping with your hypocrisy.
And now the same ppl that Farmaajo Fudeed was willing to throw the whole country under the bus have humiliated him, he lost Turkey, UAE and KSA, and now Qatar shits on him, :kanyehmm:


Sug dee ninyahow
:salute: you are a loyal man
There must be something so great that farmaajo is doing for his somali brethrens that we still dont know about otherwise y is every hypocrite against him . Btw idgaf about qatar we remained neutral for a reason f*ck em


Hablaha Siciid Garxajis are breathtaking :banderas:

But don't let @Bohol confuse you, HY are Somaliland nationalists! :salute:
They sure are indeed, saxib. I'm a pro-Somalilander. I tell ya, if i were the Somali President or PL President: i would straight up sign SL independence papers. Got nothing but love for Issaqs.