Qardho Rays Academy Shots Fired At Boorama

Shots fired at the Boorama boys. No more will u have that god damn amoud university and making money from such thing. PL has just constructed 'rays academy' that will put Boorama out of business with world class facilities and educators. This will be expanded into all PL cities, making it a world class hub of education. God dammit you also got Makhir University to contend with, which is a world class facilty also.

Take them apples all you GUDABUUR, PL ma naxdee wax bay karbashta
I love how PL goes to war with any clan who has an 'industry'. We ensure we killed it. Like Hobyo Port killed by Garacad Port. Now it's begging for a 'fishing jetty' so their fishermen can at least tie their boats somewhere, that's how low I brought them niggas down to their knees.

Now we take shots at Boorama to end Amoud dominance in Somalia thru Rays Academy in Qardho leading the charge to send a message to GUDABUR, inaad noolatid kuma rabi, we will end amoud by ensuring world class education thru Makhir University and Rays Academy. We even sends shots fired to Absame to 'demand' he ends 'wajaale' trade corridor to Berbera for his livestock, looma ogolo inay nooladan 'Isaaq', we will send a message to absame that JL unity is on the line if u don't relocate from Berbera, of course he will, interests come first.

I love how PL is, we want everything in PL and only for Puntites. Wallahi we making DDSI/Hirshabelle fight over PL veggie/fruit market while we slowly develop our farming industry to be self sufficient and 'send them niggas packing' with a 'dharbaaxo' over their face
The other area of Market GAP that is untapped in Somalia is to develop 'world class' technical schools specializing in carpentary, plumbing, electrician. We need at least 3 institutes for this and we charge 'Somali' students boarding/tuition fees and transform PL into 'technical hub' for Somali markets, where students come from all over the pennisula to learn a 'trade' and gain 'certification' that makes them certified 'traders' this is a big opportunity for 'reer qardhood' to take these industries and make Qardho the true heart of Somali technical trade. These apprentices or trainees can then walk away with a 4 year training in a technical specialty.

The way Somalis come running for our ports, is how we want them coming for our world class training facilities. We must then get it all certified at the 'international' level which can allow them to use these trades world wide or in Somalia. Wallahi u will have a 'wicked market'. In-fact I envision Qardho focus on making qardho the knowledge center of PL and Somalia. Haday Garowe noqotay xarunta siyasada and bosaso is xarunta ganacsiga while galkacyo is the 'dry port' of Central Somalia and DDSI linked to Garacad.

Adigu inaad halkasi iska fadhisid ma aha, waa inaad 'eegta' opportunitieska dalka ka jiro iyo tan ugu wayn waa 'dhinaca aqoonta ama knowledge economy' not just 'trade' but many areas like 'doctor training institutes, nurse training institute, business academies, technology certification centers' waa inay qardho yeelato weji 'aqooneed' which will transform Qardho market place into a knowledge hub. Qardho people are well known for education excellence, this is our 'forte' and we must transform Qardho into hub of investors in the knowledge sector.
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My Ideal PL strategy is to transform the following areas.

1. Bosaso a banking hub for borrowing n lending and fuelling the new entrepeneurs of the future, creating a strong middle class employee sector. This can make Bosaso slowly shift over from 'port activities' and let 'garacad' do that and enter this untapped market of banking, fuelling loans, creating entrepeneurs.

2. Garowe the public service hub and govt institutions to focus on 'wage laws' to ensure workers in the land all purchase at least build 1 property per person so our construction companies can grow, our technical trade industries can grow

3. Galkacyo the 'transhipment' hub of Central/DDSI with Garacad.

4. I want all PL coastal cities focusing on 'fishery'. I want Nomads focusing on 'livestock'

5. Qardho I want it to be the knowledge center that provides the skills in the economy and bringing investors to invest into these key academies so it truly becomes a knowledge center for not just PL but all of Somalia

6. Let a service economy naturally develop when all the other parts of the economy are working together. Once we can do this, I think they will allow us to expand our profile into oil/mining/minerals so they can supplement our economy not be the root of the economy.

7. I would make Sool/Mudug our 'military hub'. This is where I want to see our people focused on building their own weapons, tanks, armed vehicles, military academies. I wud make Makhir a mix of fishery/education/tourism to 'calmadow' forest and oil/minerals of course. But the main character I want for 'makhir' is to transform it into 'our ancient greece' or create some sort of 'valley of the kings' like egypt has for our ancestors.


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