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Qadr or fate

Did you know that there are two types wills that Allah has when it comes to fate?

Alot of people have this issue which they can't comprehend when it comes to qadr

There is irada shariah and irada qadriyah

Meaning 'will from the point of the shariah and will from the point of qadr

To demonstrat. Here is a story

A man came to the leader of mutaziltes of his time. Mu'tazilahs are muslims who don't believe in qadr and fate and that Allah has decreed things

This guy comes to the leader and says 'my donkey has been stolen. So please make dua to Allah that he returns him back to me'

SO this leader raises his hands and says' Oh Allah you did not want this man's donkey to be stolen so please return it to him'

The man who has no clue about religion immediately goes, listen shiekh stop making dua for me. I dont want it anymore.

So the leader goes why?

The man replies: Listen If Allah didnt want my donkey to be stolen and yet it got stolen then what if Allah wants the donkey to return and yet it does not come back. I fear that. So keep the dua to yourself

And there lies in the issue

Allah never wants the man to lose his donkey or wants it to be stolen. That's irada shariah or will according to intention. Allah wants good.

But there is also irada qadriyah and that is Allah has decreed and allowed the donkey to be stolen. Two different things


There is no free will according to Islam.

Everything that you do has been written by Allah.
That's jabariya, as Muslims we believe that Allāh has infinite knowledge and is omnipotent. He s.w.t knew everything that would happen then he ordered it to be written. We are not forced to do anything, if we were then why would people get punished by their evil actions.

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