Putin With Netanyahu

We have to be realistic about jews even though I get emotional about why they cause so much problems but reality wise they are undefeated 5000 years, anyone who is blind wants to go against such odds. There is something about those people sxb, they know how to endure suffering. I don't think Africa could handle such things. They can't even get over 100 years of colonialism. That's why I say it's best to leave them alone as long as there is a system in place only god can allow such thing to happen in the land. Satan won't allow u to create a system, he prefers a somalia for the world because with no law is the end of life as we speak. It's no laws that is sickening and should be avoided. Why u think we prefer the west over Somalia, there is LAW here and we can be productive now. Why would anyone want to destroy that. Fix the places where there is no laws, that's the worst, that's satanic.
They basically have 5000 year advantage on how to adapt to suffering plus a whole book dedicated to it. Their used to it, it's us who will not be used to it, if we lose. Look how broken we are with no nation for 30 years, these jews see that as a walk in a park. Besides when God cursed the jews, that means HE DID, not you or us. It's not our problem clearly. They have to rectify themselves with GOD not with us or anyone else in reality. Plus noone knows what inside someone heart, character things are just GUESSABLE at best. You know Islam is about character like that inner struggle thing plus LAWS which is physical laws.

Christianity is about inner struggle thing only. This is much harder to deal with. Like do not lie WHEN u know U CAN but STILL DONT, do not steal when u know u can get away with it, their religion is about the INSIDE and saying do stuff not because of PUNISHMENTS but because you LOVE GOD. It's different idea to ISLAM.

Islam has aspects of that character and inside things but they take the physical laws more important which are NEEDED for life anyways. Character things are like honesty, love, fear, trust, the big things. You know u not supposed to love ur parents in Islam even, it says to RESPECT THEM because love should be reserved only for GOD, Christians still teach that. Like Trust in god even if things go wrong don't run to a bottle or go kill someone. It's character based things christianity
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Christianity and Judaism combined is absolutely crazy wallahi. All that character based things plus all the jewish laws on top. I think that's the messiah they wait for. I know no muslim can have such strong character inside and follows the law to a TEA. Maybe the Mahdi. God said TRY in ISLAM, it's not as stiff like the ISRAELI religions.

I mean the real christians and real jews because the quran says they do exist but if they do sxb you will find someone who has absolutely about the law 100% and someone who is absolutely about character development inside. Conquering emotions, being happy, nice, not lying, turning to god, loving GOD not ALL which is fake teaching of christianity. U need to love god not share your love of god with humanity or else there is competition between ur love for humanity and god.

There is a word for it in Islam but I forgot the inner jihad
He gave Islam both character and laws. He gave israel the law and character separately like jesus was about character development and moses about physical laws, it hasn't been combined. It's kind of combined in Islam, if u can master in Islam, wallahi it's pretty good. Maybe their messiah will combine the law n character and use the quran to convince them. But it's up to them not US
Deep down I already pondered to myself if I am of good character and in all honesty when there is no laws around not really but your lying to yourself then and only of good character because your scared of laws. See that's a bad character deep down especially if u know the difference and continue in that way. I am trying to fix my character, its not an easy task at all because who knows what you think inside besides god. See a good character person is inside genuine to god, he isn't running around proving it to everyone else.

But the good character means like you see someone drop their money, u actually give it back and not pocket it, see waa imtixan weeye to show ur of good character and not just good when there is cameras or LAWS or someone watching u. Many things like honesty is another one. Will u be honest even if it's detrimental to your goal or when u know u can get away with it? other things like are u snappy at ppl how u feel when someone snaps at u, it makes u reflect alot character building and u start to realize your not even perfect yourself so it's silly going around killing jews or christians or other faiths.