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Puntlanders Only Discussion Imam Hiraab

Puntites should we consider installing Hiraab Imam as 'King of Somalia", this has many benefits, he has local respect in that southern 'axis' and we can ensure he consults with the 'real kings' in Puntland in 'private' not 'public'. I like Ethiopia model of electing 'oromo king' but it looks to obvious as he clearly there for 'ceremonial' role not 'monarchy' role. We need some sort of disaster 'recovery' option in PL and Wider Somalia that can over-ride the institutions as they can become 'comprised' in the event of disaster. The habash are operating un-official due to Israel request that it may cause the region to 'uprise', their being given 'knowledge transfer' for being a good dog for them for thousands of years.

This is done by all mature states with history even the UK has no constitution. Look at Israel it doesn't even have a constitution and relies solely on it's jewish 'rabbinical courts' because they said it clearly it's jewish state not democracy(that is just for politics) not the 'real' power in the region who are the rabbinical courts which are kept 'out' of public eye because the 'system' can be penetrated in many ways and sometimes you can't stop a disaster that maybe irreversible as you will need to go thru the very same system that has been comprised.

Do not model Somalia after 'new nation' like America that has no proven long history or experience behind it as their track-record looks good now but how long it last only time will tell but always use states that have long history of governance in kingdoms. We need to model and seek inspiration from functioning governments with democracies with 'confirmed' history like UK, Israel, Ethiopia and we should review which one is most suitable to us. Do not model ourselves of Oman, we can't copy each other, we need to be different or else if he collapses, we collapse like happened in the past.

Copyka badan waxay keenta in hal mar burburtan as the world power can just 'knock' one of the copies out and he knows what to do with the next one. If it's different system it becomes harder. We also need some local history because their is a-lot of wisdom in that. If u copy the world(cayaartada) wala fahmay iyo meesha laga burburin karo waa 'toos' like if u set up democracyhalka local system way ka cabsadan ma fahamsana cayaartisa, they know they can destroy u economically thru donor funds and begin 'isir' changes ama laga dhiigo sida scottishka oo qabiilkooda cilowan, luqadooda, dhaqankooda, nidaamkooda horey. Kadib waxaa lagu hosgayn boqorada engriska, ama in our case boqorka ethiopia.
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@Teeri-Alpha I know the deal habash kings got for the 'tanasul'. It's wicked but as usual impressive cause as you know royalty isn't a joke, it's far more then just politics and muran and 4 year rule. It's power thru lineages that don't change, it's not a vote mana laga dhadhicinayo waxba.

Listen bro they got given the AU role, their going to be head monarch of that in the future and in the mean time being 'trained' up by their jewish master, he doesn't want ethiopia anymore, he got the continent as they have longest verifiable kingdom after ancient egypt that is still functioning, the rest are defunct due to wax qaawan behaviors(kush, adal, heaps in west africa). Defunct kingdoms no longer matter, they have no legacy and they wouldn't be defunct if their so good at legacies kkkk

As usual Teeri royalty games are far more sophisticated then average politics, they go for nasab ka riddis crusades to increase their axis of influence and territories.

The African union is unworkable union learn from Europe and Brexit, nations with known histories are not joining this shit fest. We will not operate in 'africa' and must cut ties immediately and ensure our people steer towards 'clean continents' such as south america to forge partnerships as the world has turned away from them and put them into isolation(for reasons I know) but won't disclose and it's historical reasons to do with weakening another 'axis'.

That is clean continent somaliyay of garbage jewish influences or european colonialism legacies and yes they use those legacies to get power in the global platform, you are only enrich the habash who gets his knowlege transfer from jews waa iga walle he couldn't secure the AU without begging the jews with solomon and sheba the bitch stories.

Now the jew has another axis and agent at work for him
I would love Habash and I am not being biased because Ahmed Gurey or anything and my ancestors going to war against them(harti). But can u state one legacy that is positive they left for anyone besides themselves in history? they are long stretching kingdom, I won't take that away from them, but they never left a legacy on Africa and their wouldn't be so much wars on them if they did on all sides. Oman for example shows great maturity in being regional axis, they empowered the shit of PL, their something I can turn and around say 'he is true kingdom' he made a friend for 'life' now not an 'enemy' for life.

That's why I like that style of politics, it enhances your legacy for centuries and your descendants have something to point on your achievements. Where-as when you do conflict mode, nothing is remembered as a legacy nor have u forged legacy and achievement, nor will u have anyone back you on the world stage let alone refer you or open doors.

PS - As bad as ancient egypt was to jews, they weren't so bad to people who were allies or trading partners, we have a-lot to thank to them in terms bringing us up to speed at the time, all for what? all we gave them was 'trade' and 'monkeys, frankincense, and silly products' like we do today kkkk, we haven't grown much at all wallahi and need to begin 'knowledge era' this is a joke. But Egypt has much higher profile then Ethiopia, it did leave positive legacy on the continent even tho it may not be here.

If they put us under that cunt habash wallahi we must ask the world u must go under queen elizabeth like america, haile sellasie was no different to her, he made ppl call him lord and worship him, he was trying to 'mentally assasinate' them not only 'isir ka riddis'. There is no way the world can empower a kingdom that only helped itself and isn't supported by anyone on the continent as it didn't leave positive mark on their people.

The Habash story is no different to the queen of england story with scots, irish, etc forcing and subjectating and trying to identity change. It happened with the scots with their language nearly gone, same with the irish, the scots finally succumbed and join the kingdom like literally he is 'gashin' among them. They still remember their clan but were told 'never mention' those wax qaawan isirs kkkkk. It only exists in name now kkkk not pride of their ancestors.

She wants them to become like americans who are similar to southerners 'somalis' and in america their 'americans' waa mashruc layska samaystay so they attach themselves as wax qaawans to what u created for them kkkk and they actually die for the shit, typiecal cawaaans. Your identity is 'male ancestors' your from adam not from 'america or australia or somalia or ethiopia' those are intended to create some identity out of thin air for u lik me calling Teeri your fucking Mambolian citizen and embarassing is Jaradian Citizen kkkk after 100 years they die for it not knowing it's made up on somalspot and it has borders, ppl, territory, and government that reports to the world order as he begins injecting 'his idealogy, his isir superiority, his philosophies and language'
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