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Puntlanders Come In. Development Secrets

I think I found out the key to development secrets in the modern world. I looked at the Nobel peace prizes and their all from countries that are either english speaking or from nations where english is second language. Profiency in english is mandatory for employment also as it's international lingua franca.

Basically Rwanda saw this and made the official language of the nation 'english' and ensure their locals are english fluent and therefore investors are more likely to see this pool of workers more attractive over others who speak arabic, Italian, french or irrelevant languages.

So please review our constitution we don't need arabic anymore, that was like the old world and they are no longer the knowledge center of the world.

Our people need to be prepared for the world market today not for 500 years ago. We need to look at how Germany keeps their language official while also teaching English to it's locals. I think it happens in secondary school where english becomes the language of education instruction.

I want to ensure Somali is still official government, media, and social language but we need to change the language used in education to fit in with the current world so we have pool of workers who know the common language of market place plus it will be easier for them to study knowledge as all the books of knowledge are translated now in english(this is was a way for anglo saxons to ensure power) but it has been done and it's to late and we need to conform to this world or be left out.
I am afraid Puntites if you keep learning languages that has no use in the global world, you will fall behind in the knowledge market, your people will not be hired as they lack any skills needed, they couldn't learn the skills because they didn't know the English language.

Our students are busy learning arabic and they cry why they have no work, arabic isn't knowledge center of the world today that's why, the companies with money don't want arabic language, they want people who speak english.