Puntland Vice meets with President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

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Timely meeting between Puntland Vice President Ahmed Ilmi Osmaan Karash and President of FGS H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Puntland is an important ansd crucial component within the FGS and it will work closely with the FGS in return President Mohamed promised that he will strive to bring back the close cooperation between the federal States and the FGS
President Deni ordered the restoration of the relation with the FGS within minutes of him being elected as the President of Puntland State.

It is one of many problems caused by the previous inept and incompetent Gaas would be administration that have been swiftly resolved.

Others include economic and security measures which have been neglected tackled in a timely and competent manner that already yielded great result and impact.
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