Puntland Universal Health Care

As puntites we need to pave the way for this massive reform in our health-care. Universal Health Care is possible in Africa as proven by Rwanda.

Rwanda follows a universal health care model, which provides health insurance through a system called Mutuelles de Santé.[15] The system is a community-based health insurance scheme, in which residents of a particular area pay premiums into a local health fund, and can draw from it when in need of medical care. Premiums are paid according to a sliding scale, with the poorest members of society entitled to use the service for free, while the wealthiest pay the highest premiums and are charged copays for treatment.[1]

In 2012, about 45% of the system was funded by premium payments, with the rest coming from government funding and international donors
See the Rwandans use a 'sliding scale' system where the poorest pay nothing and the wealthiest pay a maximum of $8 dollars a year. I remember Garowe trialled a successful $1 dollar tax on the hawala users and created a road, this program is going to continue as the pilot project was successful. Why don't we start a health-care for all puntite program where we charge our wealthiest residents a highest rate and the less wealthy a reduced rate and the poorest are given exemptions. If we do this and present it to the international community, they can contribute the rest that is missing for the yearly health-budget. I like Rwanda system because it happens at the community level like garowe have their own insurance, bosaso their own, galkacyo their own, qardho their own, while the puntland health ministry sets policies and regulations around the health-sector and identify 'gaps' in our health-care.

I don't think we should centralize our health-care either in PL, we should allow autonomy of each city and town to have their own decentralized health-care so we can measure which state is performing better then the other.
Watch these anti-puntites start running in trying to learn from PL who is 'hormudka' Somaliyeed but they will disguise their learning by abusing PL or derailing the topic. Mark my words