Puntland People Have One Last Achievement


Puntland my beloved homeland has one more key achievement to reach. I don't think this can be achieved by any politician on his own but requires all the esteemed ISIMO to begin land discussions in rural areas, there is to much conflict happening in rural areas and it's over water wells, barkads, and land rights for livestock grazing.

Puntland government need to get the Isimo to begin 'delimiting' unsettled land and assign land ownership to a clan and ISIM. This means any clan who tries to use, live, graze on any land can be arrested if they don't have the permission of land's recognized Isim. This is one model we can follow and it finally put's an end to who owns what land and we can begin prosecuting trespassers who infringe illegally on other people's land.

The other model we can adopt is PL government and Isimo must declare all unsettled land in Puntlaand is owned by 'puntites as a whole' and anyone can graze, live, and use land resources as they see fit. There will be no recognized Isim over any land and all unsettled land will fall under Puntland government powers.

It's paramount upon us that We choose one or the other policy in terms of land rights, we can't continue letting this matter simmer away in the background because it has led to many people dying because land matters are sensitive topics but it's those sensitive topics that can create security problem.

Once this matter has been finally dealt with, we can begin disarming our urban and rural locals. Disarming our population is a big visionary project that is beyond a politician capacity and requires a leader who can sit down the various ISIMS of Puntland to tackle this issue so we can create a safer puntland. I am aware some places along the border with Hags and Isaaq, those communities can be given 'exemptions' to carry weapons due to their hostile location.

But clans who live outside the borderlands and live within Puntland 'secure' areas have no reason to be carrying weapons, it only ends up leading to a sub-clan wars between brotherly clans. Those clans need to begin disarming and handing their weapons over to their Isimo who will be given a 'gun safe' building in their town and the only one with access to it will be the recognized ISIM. This will ensure Puntite weapons are 'stored safely' in each district and access only given to ISIMO who are on Puntland official Isimo List.

The less access to weapons by the general public leads to a safer puntland and I hope this massive project is seen through as it could be a model that is used by the rest of Somalia.


All Urban areas with an operating police station who are situated within non-borderland communities and considered Puntland secure territories must begin disarming and handing over their weapons to their ISIMO.

Puntland should create a gun-safe storage where these weapons will be located in each district to limit access to only the recognized Isim of the area. This creates accountability and limits access to weapons when conflict arises. Anyone caught having a weapon outside these regulations should be thrown in prison.

The only communities on the exemption list to carry weapons is. Oog in Caynabo village, Erigavo District, Galkacyo, Saaxo, Towfiq, Ceel Dhanaane. The clans mj, marehan, dir, sheikhal, dhulbahante, warsangeli. Only areas where there is near-by hostile border with Irir. The rest of Puntland would fall under the 'secure' area and surrounded by 'puntite clans' and any issues, waxay iskula tagi karan maxkamad
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I think the opposite.

Puntland should legislate that all unsettled and empty land belongs to the state and not to any qabiil.

Water wells, grazing areas etc belong to the state and any Puntite can access these areas.

The state government should also pass legislation restricting clan officials to a figurehead status, paid by the state but cannot interfere in state affairs.

This should be followed up with a freedom of movement law, meaning that no city/town in Puntland can belong to a certain qabiil but all of Puntland. Any expulsion of a PL resident from a town based on qabiil is a criminal offence.