Puntland Needs To Protect It's Locals

What is wrong with this people in PL. You need to begin business laws immediately to protect PL local industries from Diaspora and Foreign investors. Their has to be a law that no company can invest in areas that are locally dominated such as 'vegetables, meat, milk, clothes,etc'. PL needs to ensure their local industries are protected from outsiders. Investors must be told they can only invest in areas where there is no local impact.

The only time investors can get involved in local industries is thru 'training' or providing 'facilities' to improve the local traders, lakin waxaan la farisanaya qof local ah and I will start to do the same business, waa ayaan daro oo ku tusinayso waxaa PL ka jiro 'suuq fowda ah' oo aan nidaam ka jirin. A de-regulated market is 'total fowdo' and unacceptable. Suuq nidaamsan oo sharciyaysan oo ilalinayo local industries is mandatory. Why don't investors go into different business stream? why doesn't the govt work out what 'sectors' need maturing or starting and providing this to investors? why do they just sit there and say 'iska soo gala and do what whatever u want'? this is absolute stupidity of the worst order. A govt should know at the very least where to guide investors and to keep them out of local industries.

This will start to lead to diversification of PL market place and stop choking the same industry with more competition, PL must regulate industries or else it will lead to a recession when there is to many suppliers in the same business space. I am sick of seeing the same business concepts being done by 100 different people, this is disgusting, are u that 'stupid' that u can't put two and two together and figure out a new 'idea'.

We need to teach them business training school then just copying what another person did. This is a lack of entrepreneurship. I hope the diaspora focus on how to create business education to these people. The worst idea in business is doing something that is already done, the best idea in business is doing something that isn't done. This quite basic fundamentals that are lacking in the people's mind. They think business is doing what others are doing which only leads to 'bubble or recession' in a very thin market. This thin market needs diversity.

There is so many business opportunities available from massage parlours,
I am sick of a 'free market' which means 'fowdo', we need a planned market where locals are given industries that locals can dominate while investors are given areas where their skills or investment are appropriate.

A planned market where we are not overlapping each other and doing something different leads to a proper market place and this requires govt intervention.

There has to be 'cap' on each sector, once it has reached a ceiling, no new businesses are allowed to open up, these investors must be told of other areas to begin. If u do not set some sort of cap to each sector, this is why the western world has recessions and collapses because off to much suppliers while the customer base isn't catching up. A cap is needed and new areas identified for these investors to start new sectors.

The goal in each economy is to begin new 'sectors', I cream my pants when I see something different in PL that was totally absent, but when I hear a new shop has opened up, I just get furious, wallahi waa xoolo, over supplying the same industry. The reason for this is lack of entrepeneurship, ma haystan 'feker ganacsi' but they have 'money' and they just invest in areas where they see others.

That sort of person should be told to stay away from business, it's not your strength if u can't creatively think of new ideas, your money is pointless and u should just go into 'shares' like the rest of the non creative people.
Invest in areas as diaspora where there is no 'supplier' isn't a hard concept to grasp. In the food industry you can break it into so many ways such as Massage parlours, donut shops, hot dogs stands, heck where is BBQ type restaurant in PL? What about cinemas? there is so many empty spaces in PL, the list continues where u can create a business and do something without impacting the local industries and create a new 'industry' for PL.

'sports' recreation activities, this whole sector is missing. There isn't a single adventure type store or 'tour operator'.

The doctor is strict market protectionist philosopher. I don't like a 'fowdo market'. I want the ministry of business to 'cap' any business entering the market where there is an over supply already so it doesn't lead to a recession or bubble. I want the god damn business minister to identify sectors which are unskilled and leave this for the locals only and if there is diaspora involvement, they must go into partnership with a local and hire local.

Areas around skilled businesses I don't mind if foreign or diaspora get involved then but I still prefer we have a 'skills training institute' that equips our locals to to increase their skills so they can create new businesses. I don't want this god damn teeri alpha free market uncontrolled nonsense anymore.
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Who want's to go into a partnership with the doctor in PL? Where we create 'training institutes' to lift up the locals knowledge and we still make a good coin from it. We can ask all businesses to 'certify' our training schools as 'standard' needed to work in various areas.

The current one that we need is a hospitality school and a construction school. We can hire out the trainers. PL must stop relying on foreign skills but have a policy of knowledge transfer to locals to up their skills in order to keep their businesses competitive. Wa ayaan daro in suuqina yar manta inu ajaniib bilqaysanayo while he doesn't allow u near his market.

There is a clear 'trade deficit' we rely more on the outside then the outside relies on us. It's so embarassing losing your only unskilled sectors to foreigners, shit that doesn't need much skills is still lost to foreigners, this is insane. Notice Teeri alpha free market where it leads too, it leads too your locals losing jobs even in the most basic areas. Goods/Products can be traded but not people waryaa.

This global market of people transfer is absolutely a new thing which never happened in the history of mankind, everyone kept their locals employed and only traded knowledge-products-goods from the outside world, not traded people like u see now in this globalized world.
My vision is for Garowe to create a 'knowledge' zones of the city, where all this aqoon' is provided by international experts in various fields for PL industries. We can use them to equip locals with knowledge transfer in various fields to up their game and increase production and cut down on time/effort involved.

A market place without some sort of 'knowledge' center is no market place. I am not talking about basic schooling, but skills training to ensure our locals are work ready and can compete for investors. Workers without skills are not paid well in the market, it's critical workers know this is in their interest. You are paid based on your skill so a business can function, if this skill is low, u won't get hired.


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