Puntland Needs To Be Constitutional Monarchy

As Puntlanders let's not kid ourselves, we know how powerful the ISIMO are in the land, they are basically the last line of defence in our state. Why don't we have a constitutional monarchy like the UK? Why are they involved in politics like naming 'mp's? this isn't the role of royalty, I never seen the queen and her dukes and princes name any MP in the UK. There is fine-line of division in the state. The queen is ceremonial but acts in the interest of the whole state and it's people, her power and influence over the people is beyond 'liberal and labor' party politics. Her influence and role isn't a political role, she isn't a party or politician. She is the head of that whole ummah, their united under her and respect her and trust her.

In Puntland we are united under our clan elders who are like 'dukes' with an elected 'boqor' serving in a cermonial role. They need to create a Isimo Royal Chamber with Boqor Burhan as it's head king. They must tell the Puntland government, we will not be played against each other with politicians and MPS anymore. Our role needs to be defined by the constitution. They're power is REAL and to deny their power in our constitution and not mention their role, is living in a fantasy state similar to Somaliland.

The role of the ISIMO has to be decided in Puntland officially and in our constitution. I don't want to see our ISIMO anymore being turned on each other because of political reasons. One isim supports one siyasi and another isim supports another siyasi, this is disastrous for our state unity. Hawsha isimada waa inay ku eekata keliya midnimada umada puntland iyo danta puntland ee guud not supporting some politician and rejecting others. Not getting involved in MP selections of Puntland parliament which will bring conflict of interest between the ISIMO. That's why they hate each other now and basically never speak to each other in Puntland. Siyasi bay noqdeen. This could be disastrous for our overall stability in the future as each clan will follow his ISIM and his political direction. Politics only divide people, look at england or america republican vs democrat.

You can't have your respected people involved in such division or the whole people could be harmed. America has a constitutional court which is separate from politics but it's highly corruptible also since it's nominated by the president. Where-as the constitutional monarchy is not corruptible since the queen is standing for the whole people not for a section of the people or some politician or mp like our ISIMO have become. We are not as bad as Somaliland who have isimo involved as an 'arm' of the government their 'gurti'. This has now made their ISIMO divide and become political and not care about the well being of their whole people as a whole.

ISIM siyasi noqday waa kan ugu daran iyo dhibka haysta koonfurta manta. We must not mimick such situation or sida koonfur ayaan noqonayna oo umada is neceb iyo dagaal ka dhaxayso ileen siyasad kala duwansho waxay keenta dagaal marki dambe.

So as Puntlanders comment on if you support a constitutional monarchy similar to the QUEEN as the head of our region or do you support the American constitution as the supreme law of the land?
There is two types of states in the world and Puntland hasn't even implemented one model yet. Are we a constitutional state with a high court that deals with constitution matters? or are we are constitutional monarchy with a ROYAL head of state? I prefer a royal head state because they are indeed the true power in our land, I don't think a constitutional court system would work for Puntland as they will be seen as 'political' and not caring for the state well being. Plus their nominated by the president which will cause more distrust among the people. Maxkamad dasturi ah anigu ma rabi, Golaha Isimada oo Boqor leh ayaa ii dhaamo oo runta dalka ka turjumayso iyo awoodooda dhinaca UMADA not SIYASADA

Golaha Isimada Puntland waa inay haystan 'awood' inay dawlada dhan buri karan hadi ay iyagu ku heeshiyan gudahooda sida queenka england. Remember Isimku he represents the will of the people as a whole not a section of society since their ROYALTY. So he will have full vested power to sack the government as a whole since isaga umada dhan mateelo, where-as siyasigu wuxu mateela 'hal qayb' ama 'tiro' yari dhinaca umada hence the role of the government must be minimized also to reflect this.

My suggestion could take puntland to an ultimate level of stability when the siyasi is told you are not as powerful as the ISIM since you do not represent the whole of people like the golaha isimada puntland would. Eventually our siyasi will realize inay yihin niman hawl loo dirsaday sida day to day running of the state and they will stay within this confinement ileen ma haystan awood umadeed sida isimada marka inay ku mashqulan inay umada dhan qabsadan ama la dagaalan ama siyasadayan waa waqti dhumis.
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Nin aan awood umadeed haysan oo siyasi ah inu haysto FULL POWER wa ayaan daro oo ku tusinayso inaysan puntland uu dhismin sidi laga rabay oo dhismayso sida koonfurta iyo khatarta ka imadi kara siyasi awood buuxa haysta in kasto uusan awood umaad haysan.

My vision for puntland. Is a separate institution called Golaha Isimada Puntland, totally independent of the government with vested powers of the whole ummah within their chambers. They are the check n balance on the government and can sack it as a whole once an agreement has been reached among themselves that the people they represent and their interest or stability is in question. Awooda dasturkeena gacanta haloo galiyo ISIMADA is my point not some nacas laga soo magacabayo madaxtoyada oo maxkamad baan ahay ku leh.

The ISIMO Chamber need to sit down with the government and say we need to define our roles in the state. They must say WE REPRESENT THE PEOPLE GUUD AHAANTEEDA, THEY TRUST US LIKE THE QUEEN REPRESENTS HER WHOLE UMMAH. THEY MUST TELL THEM WE ARE NOT SIYASI WE ARE NOT COMPETING FOR PEOPLE, WE ALREADY HAVE THEIR SUPPORT AS A WHOLE. We must tell the government hawshooda wa inay tahay hormariyan deegaanka iyo nabada ilaliyan siday iyagu isku dooranayan waa inay noqota democratic process oo umada ayaa kala doranaysa dawlada uu fican for those 5 years. The ISIMO will stay away if they are doing their job untill the stability of the people and wishes are not respected anymore or some ILLEGALITY has occurred.
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