Puntland Multi Party Template

I hope PL uses the following multi party template to make it easy to understand for voters what they stand for

Belief/Values(right or left wing will be determined here also)
In this summary, we want to know in short if they stand for human rights of all it's citizens or shariah law

Political Wing(right or left wing) will be determined here
In this area they need to communicate to the people if they are for state rights or more federal powers and telling us of course the benefits of their position

Program(right and left wing will be determined here also)

Security policy
- They need to tell us what their security policy is. Military/Police/Intelligence/Coast Guards
Infrastructure policy - They need to make it clear what infrastructure projects they will do if elected. They need to discuss energy, water, roads, ports, airports.
Taxation policy - They need to make it clear if they stand for higher or lower taxes across the economy and how it will benefit the state or market. More taxes benefits better public service, less taxes benefits more business activity and they need to identify how each policy will benefit Puntland
Economic Policy - They need to identify how they will grow the market with more businesses and more employment. Be it FDI, Diaspora, Local. They need to declare what policy they will take such as banking and more borrowing and lending, worker rights by increasing wages so other sectors benefit, low taxes on business
Education Policy - They need to declare their policy around how to achieve the state's literacy, skills program, technical program, university program, scholarships. With-out this policy, it will be hard to invite investors to invest as the human capital is non-existent.
Health Policy - They need to present their policy to increase health standards, sanitation facilities, hospitals, quality doctors and medication laws. They also need to discuss how to ensure locals have access to these services be it thru co-pay, universal, private. If it's private then we must pass a law that ensure businesses cover employee health insurance.
Foreign Policy - PL needs to declare a policy on how to guarantee protection to our mutual partners especially the gulf, ethiopia, and western world. The west provides our development aid, the UAE-Saudi is a security and trade partner, Ethiopia we share a border, scholarship, and health travel. We also need to protect the interests of India where we seek our health services and also the nations that provide scholarship to our student is critical to human capital gain. These are PL interests and we must protect and advise the federal govt they have no jurisdiction over state foreign partners, especially in areas concerning state development/security/health/scholarships.
Environmental Policy - We need to know their policy around drought, natural disasters, agriculture, livestock, land management.

The above template should be used by our PL parties as a bare minimum, no-one supports a party based on who the leader is, they support a party that is in-line with their values, policies, and also their interests(clan, rural, urban, city vs city) those are 'interests' not policies or values. I have a shared interest to protect to PL because it's my ancestoral homeland, but that doesn't mean it's in-line with my values and policies and I hope our parties realize this and appeal to our values and policies becuz clan-interest is only important when no party has any program or values.