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Puntland Love For Somalia Is Suicidal

But Gardufu, Eyl, the cyclones, hurricanes, floodings, displacement and not a single thing was sent. Charity starts at Home. If you can name one time these IRIR rodents ever donated a cent to PL, I will take everything I say back.

But you won't show a single thing Majerten has benefited from Somalinimo, you will just give me that goofy response

'we all somali tho'

I reply - We may be all Somalis, lakin Somalinimada looma siina. I benefited nothing from this Somalinimo, they benefited helluva a lot considering what they were before they met Puntlanders.


Besha lost many sons in chaotic Mogadishu when Abe Abdullahi Yusuf made pilgrimage to holyMogadishu.

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