Puntland Institutions And Public Servants


I always wondered if Puntland follows proper state mechanism and have laws protecting public servants and their positions in government.

When a government switches power, it doesn't mean the workers get all sacked, only the ministers at the top change, while public servant positions are institutionally protected. Each department retains their staff irrespective of the government of the day. Public servants are not policy makers and only serve the government of the day on their policies. I know PL changes 'executive directors' at a 'whim' and 'executive directors' here are not named by president or ministers but apply for their positions going thru the insitutions recruitment rounds. They are not named from the outside by government.

The reason why I say it's crucial we protect our public servants irrespective of government change, how will we develop institutional capacity if it's switched every 4 years, your basically chasing your own tail by un-doing all the hard work before. This will be a key area I will check in Puntland and ask the locals to determine there is 'institutional stability' irrespective of government change.

All a public servant needs to prove is they have the knowledge/experience to hold that position, they are not given positions thru elections like ministers or president and therefore their position should be secured for life. This leads to Institution capacity being retained.


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