Puntland in Tukaraq make it clear that they are only there for defence purposes

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Recently a Puntland contigent under Col. Jimcaale Takar set up in Tukaraq some 80km from the capital Garoowe. Being no strangers as the mayor of Tukaraq pointed out made it clear that when they were there in the past, they had enjoyed support from nomads but that these nomads were destitue now and that they shoul not rely on them for their provision.

Some blew it up but today after the new finance minister visited Col. Jimcaale clearly stated that there are not there to cause aggression or attack anyone but solely for defence purposes.

The new minister who is someone who did not leave the country told them that he will provide for them as much as he could and if he is not able then they should be patient as they have been before.

Tukarak is 65 km from the Somaliland border and the custom point for Puntland. Garoowe the capital of Puntland is 15km away from the border of Somaliland according to Somaliland.
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New finance minister commending the troops on their defence and non aggression stance in defending Tukataq Custom checkpoint a lucrative source of income for the finance ministry.


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Why are you lying?? Tukaraq is closer to Laascaanood, Tukaraq itself is controlled by Puntland. Many villages around Laascanood are controlled by Puntland too.
Karim watch the Colonel speak. Col. Jimcaale Jaamac Takar clearly states that they are only for defence purposes. They will not cause any disturbance to others.


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I sense censored propaganda in here lol..

Colonel jimcaale is at his home town and has the darwish forces with him
Themadmullah Col. Jimcaale is no stranger and he is at home but he is not there to cause aggression or take the fight to Somaliland. His position is of defence. Defending Tukaraq Custom Checkpoint.
The Colonels words were clear for anyone to comprehend.

'We are here for defence and not to attack anyone, if we are attacked we will defend ourselves but I do not believe that any attack will happen'
Why does every Somali contingent sit in the back of pickup trucks like Mexicans?


Why don't they get dump trucks and paint them with military decal? It's cheap and looks badass.

Notice how there's never a supply unit with them on the road. Where does everyone store the food and supplies? Do they just pack thier pockets with sandwiches?


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