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Puntland Economy Needs More Specialization

Hello Puntlanders. It's time we talk about how we can create more finished products in Puntland using our meager resources. I believe we can boost our GDP if we look at what we have currently and create specialty products from it. For example I hate seeing our camels/sheeps/goats sold at the 'lower end of the value chain'. We can increase value add production by developing more products from our livestock.

For example lets start sheering 'Camel skin' which is an expensive commodity in the market, we can sell it by the kilo at good market rates due to 'low supply' of it around the world. We need a skins-producing factory that deals with this. The other thing I see an opportunity is selling our livestock in parts not whole.

Camel milk production facility would also help ensure we get the best value for our camel milk. Just through the camel alone we could create 20 separate products and that's 20 'value added' products for our end of year GDP calculation.We need a butchery and packaging facilities for this to happen.

Our fishery we need to find ways to 'extract' the 'oils' and begin a production facility for bottling 'fish oil' which is used in many products. Same with frankincense, rather then selling this raw, let's create different finished products.

A Raw Material plant would be good also. Take those large rocks and crush it and begin a cement/concrete factory all you need to mix it with is water and you got cement. This will give us another finished product.

What other economic suggestions you have where we can increase our production sector so our GDP can rise and create more products? We need a huge boost in production. Our service sector is too overflowing right now and small business and trading shouldn't be our focus.
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They say GDP is consumption(locals spending money), Production(creating finished products), and government spending(the government investing into projects). Our government hardly spends anything in given year, our consumption level isn't beyond(cafe, phone, internet, food), our production is so low(we sell livestock as a one final finished product).

Puntland GDP would be quite shocking in my book. Our consumption level doesn't change much from year to year, our production facilities never increase so we don't create any product, our government spending is low. So each year our final product looks basic on paper. It's a very under-performing economy.
I can perform an analysis on our consumption level by looking at the poorest the IDP spending in a day and multiply that over a year. I can then take data from middle puntlanders and work out spending rates and then top rich spending rate and work out a median between these figures to come up with a satisfactory answer what the spending level is like in the market and it doesn't look good.

The taxation levels would not be able to cover even a single road because the spending is 'low' in Puntland. We need more people buying so the government gets more taxes. If no-one is spending or their spending 5 dollars a day, what kind of tax can the government collect? it's peanuts, it won't even cover the basic costs of asphalt loooooooool because we import all this stuff and have to buy it at 'global market rates' which our peasant society and peasant government cannot afford. Plus the level of industries are so low, business taxes are not going to work because you need the consumer spending to increase for businesses to have higher revenues which means higher tax collection.

Take me out of this begging bowl existence yaa allah :chrisfreshhah:
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This is truly how our economy looks compared to the rest of the world.

We simply can't afford to pay for ourselves in a global market place because the production and consumption in our country is 5 dollars a day. We need the begging bowl before superior countries.

How do we change this? Diaspora start investing into 'mass scale' employment industries. Government get off your ass and identify which industries can create the most jobs and welcome the diaspora to fill the void. Government seek FDI immediately to create more work opportunities.

Our goal should be $1000 dollars in each Puntlander pocket in a single month. From this the government can start 'taxing' income and which should increase our government spending and enjoy a better overall life with good public utilities, roads, and hospital spending. The government job is to ensure the people and country are ready for work by ensuring schools are funded, hospitals are free for when someone is sick, and the nation has infrastructure to ensure 'access' for people and businesses to work.
We need direct investment into the 'lower' class Puntlanders. To lift up our economic standard, we need to hire the poorest and lift up their incomes because when calculations are done they are the one's who lift or bring down over-all figures. Anyone that lives on less then 5 dollars a day, Just throw them all into fucking factories, yaan loo naxarisan, yaan qabiil loo eegin, dalka dantisa hala eego so we can lift ourselves up from these shocking figures.

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