Puntland Development Haphazard

Their building a road in Bursalax. Why? Do puntlanders support this? The development is clan based, every clan focusing on his tuulo. It's short-term thinking. The west was built one city at a time, not this haphazard where each tuulo is building himself. Let's focus on Bosaso-Galkayo-Garowe first. Lets make sure it has all roads first and then move into the rural areas as the second phase of the development. Planned economy is better then an Unplanned economy. Unplanned economies are like India where the people eventually outstrip the infrastructure. They live in squalid conditions with 10 people in 2 rooms because the economy is unplanned to create houses to handle it's population. The electricity cuts out because the economy is unplanned and doesn't accomodate the increased demand of population growth. Water shortages occur when population demand exceeds water supply even food shortages which leads to increased prices where people can't afford food anymore. School services can no longer supply education because the population of kids are too many to house in a school. Hospital services can no longer tolerate the demand.

For example our health system is unplanned. We don't have any statistics on what is the most common disease in puntland and what is killing people. We need data first and research before identifying what hospital service is suitable for us. For example when someone dies, we don't investigate what was the cause of the death, if we don't investigate, we cannot plan a health service to curb this problem.

Puntland needs to Plan it's economy to avoid this, what do Puntlanders say? Garowe is blue-print to a planned economy. Galkacyo and Bosaso lack this and the Tuulos are following a similar haphazard method to Galkacyo and Bosaso.
The first thing we need to focus on is to address our health matters. We need to keep people alive and keep them alive longer. We need to create a health research facilities dedicated to investigating the cause of death of each person in Puntland. Once we have the data, we can create reports and identify the top 5 or 10 causes of death. From this data we can begin sourcing experts we need to address the most common diseases and have specilized hospital to deal with it. The only data Puntland gathers is on mother and child death.

They are creating a-lot of MCH to ensure our women do not die giving birth which I commend but there is other diseases in Puntland that need addressing that is cutting our life span. What are these diseases? They say TB is high but they addressed that with a TB center. We can't know the full picture of the health picture in puntland untill we gather data on the death of each person and the cause. We need a place that deals with autopsy and we find the cause of death and create reports that is handed to our dedicated Puntland Health Reserach facilities. This data can be provided to our government who can begin tackling the problem with health policies geared towards the right area.


Galkacyo iyo Calula dhexdood
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If I were in charge in Puntland I would not spend much of anything outside Bosaso. Make sure that basic security is ensured outside of Bosaso but leave all other things up to the people to buy privately. Puntland simply does not have the money to develop many towns at once. Better to concentrate your resources in an already urbanized area where the ROI on public spending is higher. Instead of building an MCH in every village, build a modern hospital in Bosaso. Explain to people living outside Bosaso that they have to relocate there in order to recieve any sembalance of government services.
I would subsidize EAU heavily while not giving a dollar to any other so called university. Centralization would be the order of the day. I am pro decentralization at the federal level and for extreme centralization at the state level.