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Puntland Archaelogical Teams Start Digging

You are the worst troll I#ve come across do far. Have u dedicated ur life to Sspot? lmao

Also pls expose me further, tell me about my twitter account. I'm at the edge of my seat.
Bro I’m deadset. I can’t see the difference wallahi. Tell me where I’m mistaken, I need to know.

Wiilyam Ina Sheekh Zubeer

in self-quarantine since 1603
"haween", "waxay uu muuqdaan kuwo qurux badan" :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: What kind of google translate ass sentence is this? You really are a Xabashi injirleey aren't you
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You’re a funny guy bro, are you even trying to pretend to be Somali anymore? Just come out already, there are other injirleeys on this site so it’s all g Lol

Lol wallahi the xabeshi got busted.
Superior geel-jirre investigative skills at work @Kratos :yousmart:
Nothing wrong with who you are @Waaqo of Punt just say it with your chest and keep spewing your bs theories.
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Risorgi dei potenti
Walle Ninkan mar hore ayan kashakiye. Waa injirey iskadhigayo geeljire. He always praises Xabashis and Oromos. Imagine being so self hating that you hide your identity and sneak diss Somalis

A guy told me that the ancient people of Punt built their houses and structure using trees and other natural resources, that's why we can't find anything substantial about the ancient Puntites in Somalia. I believe the heart of Punt was in Eritrea and was more aconomically active there. Only the northern tip of Somalia/SL & Puntland.

The city of Adulis used to be called Zula/Zela, maybe when the Puntites went further south they named our coastal city 'Zeila'. Maybe that's where the name comes from?
How do you always manage to mention Eritrea in your comments? Stop NEETing around and do something that's actually worth your time. Making baseless claims to dissuade morons doesn't make you cool ya Xabashi.

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