Puntites Come In - Yalho To Kalabayr Road Looks Great

Puntland oo dhameystirtay dhismaha Wadada Yalho – Kalabeyr (Sawirro)


Shirkadda dhismaha Wadada Ceeldaahir illaa Ceergaabo ayaa wada gaba-gabada calaamadinta Wadada weyn ee xiriirisa magaalooyinka Boosaaso iyo Qardho, gaar ahaa Yalho-Kalabeyr, oo ay Shirkaddu dayactir ku sameysay kaddib markii ay burbur xooggan u geysteen Roobabkii u dambeeyay ee ka da’ay deegaanada Puntland.
Wadadan oo ay dhisayso Xukuumadda Puntland ayaysan jirin wax taageero Caalami ah ay ku bixiyeen Hay’adaha Beesha Caalamka, balse dhaqaalaha lagu dhisayo ayaa ah Canshuurta Dadweynaha Puntland.

@Galmudug-State ha nixin, futada garso ha kala qadin u damn maqnud. Kelyaha ayaa na wada xanuntay markan marnay 'galmuran' remember that. Halka PL waa like wadan kale oo calaami ah, its like driving on a road in western world.:pachah1:
@Galmudug-State this sherbi to dhahar road

Wow Puntland has a 'road network' inside Puntland. Galmudug as I always say 'come home sxb' I ain't begging u but telling u the truth waa Puntland. U already attend PL development conferences and all u get is 'xaarka la reebo' because you refuse to join the state. If u join PL, you will secure the Vice Presidency with Dhulbahante as 'second vice president'

Remember PL has 21 districts. 6 in Bari, 4 Nugaal, 3 in Mudug, 4 in Sool, 3 in Sanaag. 1 in Buhodle. Galmudug will add another 2 in Mudug(hobyo, harardheere) plus 5 from Galgaduud(ceel-dheer, Cadaado, Ceelwaaq, Dhuso, Ceelbuur).

We power-share on districts in PL and we agreed on 91 borders because it raised suspicions that some areas will create more districts to get more power. For example in PL we have over 50 districts now on paper but not thru power-sharing because the 91 model is only used. Jubaland is the same.

So let's work out your portion of parliament in PL. We will call it the 'galmudug coalition'. You have 5 district in galgaduud and 2 districts in Mudug. That's 7 full districts. Wallahi u will secure the 'VP spot easy' but Dhulbahante may ask for 'Deputy VP' because they have 5 districts and 17 MPS. You will get easily 7 districts x 3 mps. 21 MPS. Maxaa ka maqan waryaa?

Majerten will get 12 x 3. Roughly 36 MPS baan 'xaq uu lee nahay' but we only get 31 MPS. Dhulos will get 17 MPS. Galmudug Coalition will get 21 MPS and u can split that portion among yourselves as PL doesn't interfere in how each 'gobol' shares their quota, idinku isku noqda sidad uu kala qaybsan lahayd between HG/Marehan/Abgaal/Murusade.

Puntland would have a parliament consisting of

1. Majerten with 31 seats but in reality should be close to '36'
2. Dhulos with 17 seats due to 5 'districts'
3. Warsan with 9 seats for 3 districts in Sanaag
4. Leelkase 3 seats for Galdogob. But they argue they should get representation in nugaal/bari because of some 'village' war 'district' ba lagu yiri not 'village sharing' nacala kugu yaal @SomaliMVP
5. Galmudug Coalition 21 seats.

This now looks like an interesting parliament. The total number will be the current 66 plus 21 from Galmudug. 87 MPS. Ministries will be shared according to 'parliament percentage' quota. Galmudug will be allocated 25% of the ministry since that is their representation of parliament. Majerten will get 35% for his 31 MPS. But in reality we should get 36 MPS and that's 40% of the ministry. This can be negiotated. Dhulos will get their 20%. Warsan 10%. Leelkase 3%

MJ 40%
Galmudug 25%
Dhulos 20%
Warsan 10%
Leelkase 3%
Dashishe 5% they will obviously get some portion of our 36 seats, possibly 5 with the rest allocated to Majerten as 31.

We will create a 'weight' for important ministries. Security/Interior/Planning/Finance are the 'top 4'. For any clan allocated this ministry will be calculated as 'two ministries' for the clans who didn't get it. It will definitely be reserved to MJ/GM/Dhulos/Warsan that will secure that. But Leelkase/Dashishe will be given 'two ministries as an addition' for not having those 'portfolios'. For example Leelkase will get Health portfolio which is a semi decent ministry(it's not well funded I know) then a small ministry like Media, Dashishe will get Education(this is well funded not thru the budget but thru donors), plus small ministry like 'fishery'.

So now that is out of the way and the hardest part of merging states. Let's all shake hands and consider this a 'gentleman agreement'.
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Daludug Above all
Mashllah, all paid by the tax paying puntite. Shows we can do a lot ourselves if we curb the somali corruption plague.
We have to 'review leelkase' portion. 6-4-3 weeye bari-nugaal-mudug. But in Mudug these nigga own 'galdogob' plus 'a share in galkacyo town'. So I would split 'Galkacyo' 3 MPS as 2 for North and 1 for Baraxlay. 1 goes to Leelkase, 1 Mj, 1 Sacad.

Even though when u look at 'galkacyo' it's obvious MJ is largest i mean the 'district' not just the town. But for the sake of peace, I think omar mahmoud will 'tanasul'.

So I may boost Leelkase with 3 for galdogob and 1 for Galkacyo. That gives them 4. Lakin arinta ay ka coynayan about nugaal-bari waa iska 'sal balaarsi' because PL don't power-share on 'villages' in PL, hadi aadan district meesha ku lahayn ee bari-nugaal, 'faataxo' bala qaata adeer macane kkk.
@Galmudug-State I urge u consider this proposal to unify PL and Ex Territory of Keenadiid Galmudug. Do not compare or try to get more then what your worth or cause this conference to collapse. The 'nidaam' is 91 district, no-one is going to change that or else it will lead to everyone creating more 'districts' and it becomes a shit fest. I urge u follow the 'nidaam' balaayo kugu dhacdee, waxaa laydin ku nacay 'wixi nidaamka ahaa' ayaa ka hos baxaysan just because you don't like the numbers, you think I like the numbers for Mj, of course not but nidaamka lagu heeshiyay awood qaybsiga lama badelayo or else the conference collapses. If u can prove your case following 91 border and not ask for another nidaam go right ahead. There is no issues but I doubt u can because your districts are defined in 91 borders as 7 for Galgaduud and Southern Mudug.

This will now allow PL/GM to get along and could lead to Galmudug prosperity. A VP spot might sound lowly to you but consider the other side, a VP spot in PL is worth 100 Presidencies in the south, this is not a joke, it's a reality because it's the most powerful state in the federation. Any position here is worth a-lot more then any southern regional govt. Ur say in Somalia and voice becomes far louder then it would be under GM which is essentially right now is the kastumo of villa Somalia. This union of PL/GM can be done, the will is on PL side, the will however isn't on GM side. They were invited to join us in 98, u know that right? they rejected it because their moryan warlords in hamar at the time 'refused' to join any 'mamul' they even rejected 'abdiqasim' kuwasi warkooda naga daa, damn warlords.
Mashllah, all paid by the tax paying puntite. Shows we can do a lot ourselves if we curb the somali corruption plague.
Yes Isaaq is in 'mourning' right now @TabK he hates nothing more then 'progress' in PL. He feels threatened by it, a major level of 'cuqdad' that is only cureable thru a good fashioned karbash
@Abdalla knows the doctor very well and my style of politics is really 'evidence based' with pictures, videos, etc and 'stats'. He knows I will run to Yalho and Kalabayr 120 kilometer road and do this admiring the 'damuur' and 120 kilometer distance while remembering my ancestors and saying tan 'waa mid adigu lagu hiiliyay'

Even Isaaq @TabK knows this is quite common behavior in PL. One Step for Puntite is like Giant Leap for Somalia. Wallahi that 120 kilometer can pave nearly every road in Mogadishu, the quantity of 'damur' and Mogadishu relatively small 'land area'. That one road infrastructure is larger then anything done in 'mogadishu'.
No joke @Abdalla that 120 kilometer road if broken down into '1 km' stretches u could literally pave every neighborhood and main road in Mogadishu. Think about that distance it's 120 km and divide it up into 1 km chunks and u got 120 chunks of 1 km roads which u can lay out pretty much the whole road network of mogadishu. @Calaf @reer do not know this simple mathamatics. The amount of 'damuur' involved here can pave all Mogadishu, all thru the 'Puntite taxation' no donor involved showing u these naflacaris cannot pave a single road in Mogadishu, so how is Mogadishu richer when u guys can't even buy the same amount of 'damuur' to pave mogadishu? sit down, eat some humble pie for once boys