Pumped and Dumbed by Tyrone

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This post is golden in that thread

"It annoys me to no end when people equate racial preferences to actual racism.

Most guys don't wanna date single mothers. And if we do, there's much less of a headache when your step-child is the same race as you because people will assume it's your biological kid. Having a black step son when you're a white dude is basically advertising to the world you're a cuck. I know that seems kinda harsh but I think it's the truth."
"Unless she is getting rejected by black guys, it appears she is only pursuing white guys. Perhaps she should try finding another black guy, and they would be more accepting of her son.

Which raises the question: why is it that she isn't pursuing black guys anymore?"

"The black guy acts like the typical stereotype and abandons you and his son, and somehow this is the fault of a racist society?"
Not open for further replies.