PSA: That One Time: I Learned Moonshine Can Do

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So we were out eating, and there was this guy at an adjacent table that was seemingly staring directly at me yet right through me at an awkward angle that made me feel uncomfortable. I motioned one of my friends who was too busy looking at something else to notice. He saw and was like wtf. The guy just kept looking. I started to say, "Hey...", but he keep looking, with no indication that I had spoken. It dawned on me in the back of my mind that something was off. I got up and a little closer and asked at a louder pitch if he was OK, but he was still staring at the spot I had moved from. My voice carries quiet, it was possible he hadn't heard me, but how could he be so out of it? He might be on something. Was he having an episode? But then he said, "yes". I asked him if he was sure? He said, "Yes. "

Suddenly, the look in his eye started to look familiar, and I asked him if he was blind.

"Yes. It was the mooonshine got me blind."


"Moonshine? Are you here with someone mister, do you need help?"

He told me his sister had gotten up to the bathroom and they were about to leave.

He then launched into a tale about how he used to be a punk rocker who was drinking moonshine when the whole world faded to black without fading back and that ever since being being rushed to the ER for yelling that he could not see, he had been a blind man. "So easy on the moonshine kid".

I waited with him until his sister came back as he talked on. When she got back, she remarked on how easily he makes friends, we exchanged pleasantries and they left.

I got back to our table with a story and google at my fingertips.

We googled it and he was right, moonshine can make u go blind as a product of the methanol toxicity.

Shit blew my mind.

Easy on the moonshine kids.



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:chrisfreshhah: What were you sipping my g? Was it the henny was it the grey goose that got you feeling loose?


Who said I was drinking, you dorks. :drakewtf: I would've included it in the script with details. The story is about a blind man with a message. Heed it.


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Buzzfeed made it seem so tame lmfao, so he actually went blind forever or just when he drinks moonshine?

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