Prostitution to pay for college.

Would you have considered prostitutions as an option?

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Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
A fellow classmate basically sleeps with a lot of guys to pay for her college tuition. She is an international student. Her tuition cost is 15,000CAD. She pays double our tuition cost. Plus transportation and everything else needed in the courses. She beds close to six guys a night and higher on the holidays and weekends. She charges CAD 100 per individual for half an hour and 200 for the hour. She places restrictions according to the price. The higher the asking price , the more options available.
She is always complaining to me in the lab and lecture hall. We have been classmates for the last two years and luckily again got placed in the same block group this year. At least she does not have to pay for sex like men.
Anyways, what would you have done to cover tuition costs as an international student.
I would bang naago for money If I was in her situation:mjcry:
Or a Drug lord:sass2:
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