Prof Samatar: Kulmiye is made up of 2 clans only

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Nope. WADANI support base is made of around 4 groups (HY, Gadabursi, Cidagale and Arap).
That is why WADANI will get the majority of votes in Awdal, south and south west Hargeisa.

That is a lie, Wadani is only hy

Ciidagale will vote for ucid firstly and the rest are split between the two parties (the suldaan of Isaaq a ciidagale declared for kulmiye and a big section of ciidagale will follow him)

Gb are also split

Arap are also split between kulmiye and wadani

The base of kulmiye is HA and HJ and the base of wadani is only hy


@waraabe You're a novice. There will not be any split GD votes because Makahiil (the clan of the VP of WADANI and former president Dahir
Riyaale) make up around 80-75% of Awdal. As for the Cidagale they know UCID has no chance when they saw the qabyalaad of
Jamal Ali Hussien they threw in with their lot.


Here is the grand Suldaan of all GD in Awdal declaring it like it is "we are WADANI"

Nicca dreaming of "split" GD votes. :mjlol::pachah1:
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