NEWS President Farmaajo has finally addressed JL issues and Gedo bombing


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

He condemns Kenyan bombing of innocent civilians and warns of mass looting of Somalis in Kenya under the veil of “anti terrorism”. He tells us about how Kenya is bombing Hormuud in JL and interfering in Madoobe most recent “election”.

Bravo Mudane Madaxweyne this is your strongest speech yet against Kenya. Hopefully when your re elected we can kick them out

He even mentions Rooble although indirectly and decries Kenyan interference in even the FGS


Caabudwaaq ana dega, Cadaado waa dhulkaygi
Mashallah huge victory for Somalia. The celebrations are mad, it kind of feels like when Farmaajo was first elected President, but rest assured this is not his victory alone but all those involved including former Pres Hassan Sh, and especially Eng Omar Salixi and to be honest all Somalis even those not born yet.