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Hashi, Mursal resolve row in meeting with Farmaajo and FMS leaders
September 22, 2020
Less than a minute


The meeting brought together speakers from both Houses, President Farmaajo and FMS leaders. Photo: courtesy

The Lower and Upper Houses of the Federal Parliament have resolved to end the long-running row following a closed-door meeting among the speakers of the two houses, president Mohamed Farmaajo and FMS leaders.

Sources privy to the meeting told Goobjoog News the meeting agreed to end the stalemate which on several occasions has impacted the legislative process. Deputy speakers of both Houses also attended the meeting.

The two houses have for some time been entangled in supremacy battles especially on the legislative process. Upper House speaker Abdi Hashi protested in August over a unilateral move by the Lower House to strip Senators of any role in oversight of public funds through the Public Finance Management Act.

Hashi implored on Farmaajo to reconsider his position on the law he assented to last December noting the Lower House had amended it without input from the Upper House, striking out the participation of Senators in the budget process and sent it to the president for assent.

Previous dispute resolution meetings between the two houses have yielded little to tame the sibling rivalry. FMS leaders reportedly pressured the president last week to include the Upper House in the approval of the electoral model following his earlier remarks he would be taking the agreement to the Lower House.


As long as they are agreeing and getting somewhere, we should welcome anything that improves the situation to move forward :)