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Predictions of future events. Somalia will be relatively safe


I am an offical nacas. too honest
I am gonna predict something here. The major wars is really close. Most likely 30 years until it happens. I believe for any major war to occur. Yemen, Iraq and Syria has to be rebuild. Syria is rebuilding right now.

The teams will be the following

  • Israel is neutral
  • Iran, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen
  • USA, France, England

Back story: UAE and Saudi Arabia has lost their oil and went to becoming Bedouins. Turkey has fallen and have become a christian country. Most of the South Asian countries are under water. So Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia are no more. The same thing with China, except it will be hit with ever growing deserts. Beijing will become a desert while shanghai overflows with water. Link for the desert expansion

Look at Vietnam in 2050, There will be no Vietnam remaining:chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah:

My link on the water rise: Link

Africa, who said Africa!! Its still being exploited, so let it be. If Africa ever becomes a super power, we are going to be worse than those who had dominion over us. I truly believe that, we are not merciful people. We have no class, when it comes to killing. Our savagery is unprecedented, so Allah showed us Mercy by not giving us power over others.

When resources becomes scarce, countries will fight each other for the scraps. They wont play fair either, its going to be Nuclear war. I believe Somalia will be safe, Urban areas will be hit hard. Geeljires will have it good.

If anyone can add something useful, please add it. Buying a farmland back home is very smart. The safest place to live in a Nuclear war is Africa.

For the Muslims living in Europe, good luck. You either become assimilated to the non-muslim culture, or you are thrown into concentration camps. Right wings have started increasing their presence in Sweden, the most Liberal country. They will grow in power until Europe becomes a Nazi country and we become the prosecuted Jews. :wowsweat:


Sheekhaagu waa kuma?
30 years? That should be plenty of time for me to pack my bags to become geeljire :salute:

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