you know I was thinking it is when I pray I don't feel confident in myself, I feel that when I pray I prayed to little or not enough. this has something to do me not knowing broad knowledge of the Quran. I wanna have control of the whole process praying to god, my time and everything. till I expand my knowledge, I need some kinda guidance app that leads the prayer and reads the Quran. I want the Quranapp to read out loud everything while I perfect myself over time I also would like to have many options with the app like a minimum of 5 minutes all my prayers. I would also like the app for all my prayers to selects small surahs for couple months for my own preferences. I want the app to perfect me and build me over time, kinda like personal sheik guiding a student. prayer is a very important activity that should be done right, sometimes we rush the prayer because we are busy and we aren't aware of that. that were the app reminds us to focus on the prayer. it always better to go to the masjid but this adds more flexibility and growth. I believe the app at the end can make anyone lead the prayer. how many of us have confidence in our prayer to lead large crowds I believe anyone can lead prayer
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Read tafsir al-jalayn english version.
Also read umdatu salik english version.
Also read riyad al-salihin .
More knowledge is what you require.