Pray for Burma.

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What's up with the condescending attitude?

Bosnia and Kosovo are at the doorstep of Western Europe, hence the urgency to do something, anything, fast to separate them from centuries-old enmity with the Serbs was the only option. Whom do the Rohingas have as allies. Same predicament.


Look sxb, Muslims and in particular Salafi Somalis see global conflicts as Muslims Vs non-Muslims and the Kosovar and Bosnian establishment as sovereign states illustrates that no one cares about the religion of the people. As for the Rohingya issue, it didn't just come out of no where yesterday, it was an issue that has lingered for over a century. For over 60 years, Burma has been a client state of China. Why not Muslims put pressure towards n China? Ooh no, the Chinese also mistreat some sections of their Muslim citizens. Like Malaysia, Burma is a member of ASEAN, they've never made this issue as priority and to illustrate that, they rarely consider Rohingyans in Malaysia as genuine refugees. What will the west do?
Malaysia is doing its best to help and Indonesia has jumped on board to get into the talks. This mess can slide into the ASEAN Muslim countries and create a powder keg of Muslim vs Buddhist intolerance.

This is a dhiibato on a policy level when 200,000 people arrive to your country and need access to so many services.

There's already reports of Muslim Indians and criminal factions taking advantage of these people and trafficking them. There is nothing worse then fleeing prosecution as a Muslim only to be prosecuted in the hands of Muslims.

Somalis should know this; unless they haven't learned thier lesson from Libyans


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
Oh what a great tragedy! A Shakespeare play can be written.

Remember when Yazidis were all over Western news outlets and Obama came rushing in to help?

Nacalla aabihin Ku yeel mushrikiinta bidaarta leh!

Humanity where art thou?

Little to no news here about the Rhohinga. There was one artikel about it MAYBE being a genocide because 400* people got killed. SERIOUSLY they said 400 instead of THOUSANDS. The dutch are 100% bootyclappers for USA and against Muslims world wide.
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