Practicing muslims who mostly hang out with non-muslims, come in here...

I don’t hang out with people who do partying and stuff... All my non muslim friends (more like acquaintances I suppose) are “boring” and don’t care for those things. I sometimes go out with them to coffee shops/mall or something like that but aside from that we don’t really hang out.

You bypassed many Muslim countries and lied in your asylum application just to be given asylum in the country of the “Kufars” America that you hate them so much. Ooh the hypocrisy and I hope the fbi will trace your ip here and investigate you the lies you told the American government to be accepted as a refuge.
Haa iiga xuumanin boowe.
Caadi iska nooh
i went to a club with one christian friend who has a muslim uncle and nephews(mixed african family). We went to a gay club unknowingly. To make things worse we paid to enter there. We were confused as hell Boys dancing in the middle and girls dancing in the corner. Girls refusing to dance with us

War inaagaa wax inaqabsaday. Nacalaa bilaa qowmu luudh. We both left lol.
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