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I'm pretty sure the average Somalis isn't 6'4". Must be that extra Nilotic genes.:ulyin:
I'm 100% Cushitic. :mybusiness:

Original Cushites were the tallest Africans, the ones who mixed with Omotics in Ethiopia and Bantus in Kenya & Somalia became short midgets.
Suugo-science. The tallest Africans are the nilotics, particularly the Dinkas. Any super-tall genes you inherited was most likely from them. The real Cushites were average-tall, inherited from their Natufian ancestors.:hillarybiz:
Nilotes carry West-Central African admixture and are not ancestral to Cushites. A pre-existing population they descant from do, but not modern-day Nilotes.

Also, I am fairly light for a Somali.. not a hint of Niloteness in me.

The height is a trait of the original Cushites. Most male Somalis I know who were raised in Western Europe are above 6'2''.
Bro, it's not that simple. Height is also down to environment, weight and nutrition. Humans are also, on average, getting taller. I've read a bit about the ancient Neolithic cultures of the Nile valley and Levant, and they are all reported to be short or average height (which makes sense given the natural environment and nutrition back then).

Also, nilotics today may have West African genes, but they are still taller than the average African. West Africans tend to be stockier, shorter and have more muscle mass.

All of it leads me to believe that Somalis get their natural height from ancient East African ancestors, not their Eurasian ancestors.
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