Possible solution to green the deserts of Somalia


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This is an old idea, it's called controlled grazing, I don't think this guy invented it. Because I remember reading this same idea back in 2009,
the idea is, they would let herd/grazing animals in certain areas and let them poo in the area to bring nutrients to the soil. Which is known around the world, this cadaan guy didn't really invent it lol.

For example, the American plains used to have hundreds of thousands of buffalo, after they were killed, I think so help oppress the American Indians, that area turned into desert.
That was a very nice ted talk. It could definitely work in the South where patches of fertile land are far more common and more easily treated due to the availability of grazing land. From his talk, he implies that it's even entirely possible to bring back 99% arid land like the large swathes of Bari. The thought of that is mindblowing.
It doesn't seem particularly expensive to implement either, just labour and knowledge. I wonder if could specificially work with camels however. A hundred camels grazing sparsely wouldn't come close to 25k sheep densly moving around.

What are your thoughts on this?
A better idea is for every somali to buy a plot of land and start small by greening those lands. We can't depend on government and many have shown that it's possible to pivatelt fund the re-greening of personal land with the assistance of NGO's.

Most of our land is arid meaning that it can be treated if the soil if fixed by adding nitrates and reducing the salinity of the soil. Somalia is not fully desert land like saudi arabia so it's much easier ot re-green arid land and much less costly.



It's all so tiresome
This could work if there was a single market that processed all our livestock in the north before exporting them.

A couple million of our sheep put together could easily bless 100k of hectares per year or so (not too familiar with the process).

Maybe not as effective as cows but we got numbers on our side.

Then again the soil will still require fertilizers, the right microrganism mix and water.

No shortcuts...